Nära (“Near”)

This portrait is from Nära (“Near”), a series of close-up portraits of friends. They have all been made with my ЛОМО T-43 40mm f/4 lens—a surprisingly high quality glass triplet lens. They have also all been made at the same distance and depth of focus, in the 2:3 format of the Smena 8m camera the lens was original made for, with no cropping.

You can see the whole series on the collection page.


I just acquired a ЛОМО Т-43 40 mm f/4 lens. It’s a very nice glass lens from the Leningradskoe Optiko Mechanichesckoe Objedinenie. Sadly, the farthest I can focus it on my SLR without colliding with the mirror is a couple of decimeters, giving this field of view. This self-portrait is the start of a project I plan to undertake with this very limited setup. More on that later.